Look for A New Guild Season in 2023

The Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild is committed to presenting theatrical entertainment in town for 2023. The troupe rebounded after two years of idleness during the COVID pandemic and was able to return to the stage in 2022. The Guild is now focused on repeating a three-production run again this year.

But just how that is executed has changed over the past few years. Truth be told, PTAG is running at a bare minimum. Its core membership has always been small and now it is even smaller. The talent pool, those persons willing to participate in productions, has dwindled. People just don’t volunteer time & talent like they used to do. Also, the venues the troupe has utilized have changed post-pandemic causing the organization to look elsewhere. Add to all that the increasing costs of everything and the Guild finds itself in a difficult place. Again, despite all that, it bears repeating – THE GUILD IS COMMITTED TO A 2023 SEASON!!!

One safe measure we have taken is to not create and announce the season in full. In past years we have always announced the three productions that make the season and see that our Patrons and the general public are well-informed about the choices for the year. But, due to narrowing criteria and uncertain participation no big plans can be announced long term. We promise Punxsutawney a season but exactly what the shows will be will take more time to plan. We will pick the productions show by show going forward. But, as soon as we know what the next one will be PTAG will inform those interested.

Our first show of 2023 has been decided. It is “The House at Pooh Corner.” We lead off with this production for a couple of reasons. You can discover all about it elsewhere on the site. It has its own In The Spotlight posting plus can be found in the Current Auditions and Current Production tabs. Please join us as we shape a unique, fun and enjoyable 2023 season beginning with a journey to the One Hundred Acre Woods.