PTAG Announces “BETHEL PARK FALLS” as the 2023 Fall Production

The Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild (PTAG) wishes to draw the community’s attention to its latest theatrical production. The local acting troupe will be performing a show entitled “Bethel Park Falls” by Jason Pizzarello on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. The production will be staged at the Punxsutawney Presbyterian Church, on the corner of Union & Findley Streets, each evening beginning at 7:30 pm.

“Bethel Park Falls”, even though it is performed on the church’s pulpit stage, will take audiences to the lively and beautiful city park of Bethel. The park is a gathering place for many folks of the community, a large expanse not unlike NYC’s Central Park, as opposed to our own Barclay Square. The residents, sadly, are facing a crisis: their beloved park has been sold out from under them. Bulldozers are to remove it all in the name of progress and each of the sixteen characters is duly affected. 

Over the course of nine interconnected vignettes, theatergoers will be reminded how important natural spaces are to a community and how such spaces are good conduits for human relationships to thrive. Show co-director Jef Dinsmore states, “The message this show carries is important. In times of social distancing and political/social clashes, such neutral spaces as natural outdoor settings are vital. They aid us in finding clarity and peacefulness; they become a common ground to nurture compassion and understanding and they provide a safe haven to build better social connections. The characters of this piece drive those points home.”  Ten local performers will share this story with their audiences due to special arrangements with Playscripts, Inc.( The team of thespians tasked with bringing the residents of Bethel to life includes Nikki Cary, Tim Cooper, Tom Curry, Jef Dinsmore, Kathy Dinsmore, Karen Duffell, Doug Fye, Mady Matthews, Michael Shaffer and Drinda Smith. Over the course of six weeks, the ensemble has been preparing this poignant piece as the conclusion to PTAG’s 48th season. Co-director Debra Dinsmore notes, “Even though this play clocks in at 90 minutes, it is enough time for sixteen interesting and complex characters to share their stories and open up about where they are in life. Each actor, some of them taking on multiple roles, brings out vibrant and passionate performances that I’m eager for audiences to witness. I hope you join us.” 

The Guild hopes to see all its theatre patrons and many more as it stages “Bethel Park Falls.” Tickets will be sold at the door at $10 for adults; patron tickets will also be honored. “Bethel Park Falls” is a bright, insightful, and often funny production that serves as a wonderful conclusion to the troupe’s 2023 season.