PTAG Announces Our New Web Presence

The Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild (PTAG) is proud too announce a new web presence via GoDaddy. Yes, we felt if we were going for it we’d might as well drop the money and go big as opposed to some little web outfit. We are pleased with the outcome and hope you are also.

The site is designed to keep followers of the Guild attuned to all that is happening. Like everyone the troupe has had setbacks over the past two years and found it too needed to regroup after the brutal pandemic was past us. One step in doing just that was to redesign our web presence.

You’ve got here just fine, if you’re reading this, but we hope you remember our domain name, which is**, and stop in whenever you want to know about the current productions & auditions and of any upcoming fundraisers/ special projects that may arise. As we move forward we hope to add video content to the site from time to time as well to enhance those types of messages. Via this site there is also the opportunity to contact us. It is easy to find the Contact Us page and from there you can ask a question, make a suggestion or offer to volunteer in any number of ways. Remember PTAG is 100% volunteer run, but the fun and applause are priceless.

Our goal is to do our best to keep live theatrical entertainment by local talent a part of Punxsutawney culture. Obviously one way to achieve that is to make the community aware of our presence. The Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild has been in operation since 1975 and for the longest time word-of-mouth and the newspapers were the way to communicate. Now we have the internet and now PTAG is taking full advantage of it. We had a web presence before this with a smaller company as webmaster but the site crashed more than it worked and so this overhaul was in order. We hope you come back time and time again to keep up with all our happenings.