Music by George Stiles Book & Lyrics by Anthony Drewe


directed  for PTAG by Jef Dinsmore

Musical direction by Kathy Dinsmore

Written by George Stiles and Anthony Drew, "Honk!" is the story of Ugly, whose odd, gawky looks instantly incite prejudice from his family and neighbors. Separated from the farm and pursued by a hungry Cat, Ugly must find his way home. Along his rollicking and harrowing journey he not only discovers his true beauty and glorious destiny, but also finds love and acceptance in all its forms.


Ugly ..... Michael Depp-Hutchinson

Ida ..... Nicole Williams

Cat ..... John Henry Steelman

Maureen, Snowy, Mother Swan ..... Debra Dinsmore

Drake ..... Doug Fye

Billy ..... Lexi Zanaglio

Beaky ..... Elissa Hill

Downy ..... Mollie Smith

Fluff ..... Sierra Dinger

Barnyars Fowl, Pinkfoot, Penny ..... Laura Chelgren

Grace, Lowbutt ..... Alice Morris

Turkey, Human Voices ..... Terry A. Fye

Henrietta, Goose Squad, Quennie ..... Stephanie Wenner

Barnyard Fowl, Dot, Solo Voice ..... Brenda Cooper

Barnyard Fowl & Greylag ..... Tom Curry

Jay Bird, Barnacles, Father Swan ..... Tim Cooper

Barnyard Fowl, Goose Squad, Bullfrog ..... Jef Dinsmore

Staged June 25, 26, & July 1, 2, 3 with a Matinee performance June 27, 2010 at the Punxsutawney Area Middle School. It was also staged at the Verna Leith Sawmill Theater July 7, 8, 9, 1 2010.

Assisting in the production was Stage Manager Matt Dinsmore and Greg Dinger as Rehearsal & Show pianist.  It was produced by special arrangemet with Music Theatre International.



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