House For Sale
written by Ron Hill

 House For Sale

directed for PTAG by Terry A. Fye

Glen Martin, a 70-something widower in failing health, stubbornly resists his daughter's attempts to get him to sell his home and move in with her and her husband. In his search for a solution to remaining in his home, Glen advertises for a roommate, pulling in several odd and interesting characters. Once the prospective roommates arrive, he quickly loses control of the situation and mayhem erupts. Max, Glen's crony and next-door neighbor, offers his advice and becomes entangled in the melee, taking the situation from bad to worse. When Max suffers an accident, Glen recognizes his own vulnerability and begins to entertain the idea of selling, even though he worries about losing the memories connected to the house. In a dream, Glen's late wife, Faye, comes to him and assures him that where one lives does not change the past or erase the memories?and that she will always be with him. Producers have a choice of two endings to the play. 


Helen (Twink) ..... Kathy S. Dinsmore

Mrs. Goodsell ..... Karen Duffell

Glen Martin ..... S. Thomas Curry

Max ..... Terry A. Fye

Gary ..... Kevin Beatty

Kate ..... Angela Gomola

Chuck ..... Matt Steffy

Apostle ..... Tim Cooper

Fanny Moss ..... Tracey Young

Sylvia ..... Lynn Duncan

Faye ..... Dee Veitz

Staged February 26, 27, March 5, 6 with a matinee February 27 at the Punxsutawney Area Middle School. Assisting in the production were Technical Director Matt Dinsmore and Stage Manager Debra Dinsmore. The production was presented by special arrangements with Dramatic Publishing Company.


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