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Season # 44  for 2019

March 1, 2, 3 2019 - Punxsutawney High School
These two one-act plays will be combined for a Children's Theatre performance event.
"The Fabulous Fable Factory"
by Joseph Robinette
This delightful story of an inquisitive youngster who discovers an old factory operated by a Mr. (or Mrs.) Aesop and an assembly line of seven (or more) fable makers are now available in a non-musical version. Some of Aesop's best-known fables including The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Lion and the Mouse, The Tortoise and the Hare and others are enacted as the young boy (or girl) surprises everyone, including himself, with his moral-making ability. This charming play is a director's delight as it presents ensemble performing at its best.
"Treasure Island"
by Steve and Kathy Hotchner and based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel
The magic of this play comes from the way the entire audience creates the storm at sea, a mosquito-infested jungle and a treasure cave filled with eerie ghosts. Five children become members of Long John's treacherous pirate gang while others join Captain Smollet's crew. The children team up with the fearsome Ben Bulba to help defeat Red the Pirate Queen and save Long John. The audience must decide whether to hang Long John or let him sail away forever to inhabit children's dreams.
Director - Kathy S. Dinsmore

Summer 2019

Two one-acts - 1 straight play, 1 musical
"Many Moons"
Dramatized by Charlotte B. Chorpenning and based on the James Thurber short story.
Princess Lenore has fallen mortally ill. Her pulse grows weak and she won't even touch her beloved raspberry tarts. It is determined that she is suffering from some mysterious, un-nameable longing and so when she finally asks for the moon, her distraught father tells her she can have it. The King frantically turns to his Wise Men, but none of them have any idea of even how large the moon is, let alone how to get it. Finally, it is the Court Jester who acquires the "moon" for the Princess and imparts a lovely bit of philosophy.
"The Thirteen Clocks"
by Fred Sadoff and Marc Bucci based on the James Thurber short story
When an evil Duke captures a beautiful Princess, her beloved Prince must find one thousand jewels and unfreeze thirteen clocks that the Duke has stopped. If he fails, the Prince will be devoured by the invisible Todal. With the help of a fumbling sprite named Golux and an old woman whose tears turn to gems, the Prince frees the Princess, leaving the evil Duke to the terrible Todal. A masterpiece of make-believe, The Thirteen Clocks is a charming, whimsical work in the tradition of Lewis Carroll and L. Frank Baum.
Director: Jef Dinsmore

Autumn 2019

The Harmony Baptist Church Ladies Auxiliary CHRISTMAS JUBILEE
by Laura King
Pastor Bobby has come to Harmony just in time for the 25th Annual Harmony Baptist Church Christmas Jubilee. As the town readies for the celebration, things start to fall apart. No one can decide who will play the angel in the pageant, the start on the Christmas tree won't light up, the fruitcake bake-off is a disaster, and, worst of all, the baby Jesus is missing. Stir in some life-long friends who have been hiding secrets and simmering resentments about each other... add a young couple in a hurry to be married... blend with two teenagers smarter than the adults, and you have what Theatre Review calls "sheer holiday entertainment".
Director - Terry A. Fye