As the Punxsutawney Theatre Arts Guild (PTAG) is a non-profit organization it becomes difficult for us to buy or find materials and items we need. Maybe, someone else can help us find a prop or costume for a particular show or offer items that  will aid us in our administrative duties. Here is a current listing of what the Guild is searching for - 

Lobby Staff - If you are willing to donate time to be on staff in our lobby on show nights we will welcome you. It is a great way to be introduced to theatre audiences and the theatre company. You can also donate foodstuffs (we usually serve cookies) as well.

Volunteer Your Time - PTAG is in sore need of manpower. The ideas and creativity are there but the people to execute them are not. If you are interested in volunteering time to the Guild either as a member of as an occasional participant please let us know.  

To inquire about furthur information regarding these donations