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Article Date 8/29/2018

Title PTAG Announces Auditions For 'Gravy Anxiety"


Auditions for the fall production Gravy Anxiety will be held from 7:00 to 8:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 4 and 5, at the Baptist Church. Roles are available for 7 women (ages 18 through 60) and 4 men (ages 18 through 60.)

Thanksgiving with the family…what could be nicer? Except that this celebration in Mary Reilly’s tiny apartment looks nothing like the Norman Rockwell picture. Marital discord, bizarre funeral arrangements, vegan issues, the hangover of an acrimonious divorce, and a turkey that catches fire all come into play. And the arrival of annoyingly “nice” visitors from out of town who may or may not make an offer on a house doesn’t help at all. Then, just when several members of the gathering are about to give up and take off for parts unknown, an environmental accident traps everyone inside.

Performances are scheduled for the first weekend in November. More details soon. 

Questions? Call show director Terry Fye at 938-6928 or via this website.