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Article Date 3/18/2018

Title Bridge Builders WEEK OF GIVING Is This Week!


All this week (03.19 - 03.24) is the huge philanthropic event benefiting non-profits in Punxsutawney and other regions. PTAG is a participant meaning you can, via this event, donate dollars to the Guild's cause. 

If you are not clear about what is happening visit the Punxsutawney Memorial Library on March 20th for a kickoff gathering. Learn about the program from knowledgeable people from Bridge Builders & the local non-profits from 8am -10am and/or 5pm - 7pm. You can also find information at 

Here is what the recent Curtain Call stated about "giving."

The counties-wide Bridge Builders Community Foundation is gearing up for a big week. The Week of Giving is March 19-23. It is an attempt to infuse local communities with financial contributions to help organizations to reach their goals. Bridge Builders will provide an effective way of serving donors and communities by creating and growing endowments that serve the needs in our area.
The Foundation will be in Punxsutawney on February 20 to talk about the unique needs of our town and how you can donate. Find them in the Memorial Library that day.  
    Stressing the point of giving is important to organizations like ours. The Theatre Guild does not try to hound people for donations, but we do need them. Possibly it is to our loss that we don’t because the more aggressive groups might get more money than us. But, as a true nonprofit we work with what we are given and turn it right back into production value.  

   We thank everyone for their contributions. Just by receiving this Curtain Call means you have already placed a donation this year. But PTAG wants to do bigger a better. Any money that comes our way through Patrons, or during the Week of Giving, or via other means, won’t get squandered. We won’t blow it on big cast parties, but instead turn it into bigger and better production value. Maybe we could present bigger and better shows, upgrade equipment or compensate special people within the ranks.  
   We want to be bigger & better. Raising production value hopefully means increased audiences, which will incite more actors, musicians and crew involvement and those big productions in turn lead to a better quality of life for the town. Whether it turns into a theater space of our own seems like a dream still, but who knows. 
   So simply, if you can continue to give, or give more we all will be amply rewarded. Thank You!