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Article Date 1/4/2018

Title PTAG Announces Auditions for "The Champagne Charlie Stakes"


  Upcoming Auditions For PTAG's

 Spring Production of 


The Champagne Charlie Stakes   

by Bruce Graham 

Dates: Tuesday, January 9 & Wednesday, January 10, 2018

 Times: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: Punxsutawney Presbyterian Church corner of Union & Findley Streets (ramp entrance

Plot: It's a very special day at the racetrack, where "Champagne" Charlie, a race-track regular, has had a race named in his honor. A dreamer and teller of tall tales, Charlie is accompanied by his wife of fifty-three years, Mary Lee, an incurable romantic, who still finds Charlie very attractive. They are accompanied by Jackie, a family friend and racetrack bookie, and their daughter, Mary, a divorced high-school drama teacher, and the realist in the family who has nervously invited along her long-time boyfriend, Paul, to finally meet her parents. Since this is such a special day, Charlie conspires with Jackie to place the bet of his life-his entire meager savings ("the whole shebang")-on a long-shot hunch. Mary strenuously objects until Mary Lee tells her that Charlie is ill, and this will be his last season at the track, and she wants this day to be the most wonderful day of his life. Mary relents, the race is run and Charlie loses everything. Jackie, guilt-ridden, tries to return the money, but Mary Lee will not hear of it. If Charlie wants to tell the tale of the "whole shebang," he can't keep the money, so Mary disposes of it in her own way. Charlie, disappointed, apologizes to Mary Lee; just once in his life he wanted to give and do something grand for her. She assures Charlie that, for fifty-three years, he's done just fine


Cast Requirements: Roles are for 3 men and 2 women, actors to play characters who range in age from 40 to early 70's, younger actors are encouraged to audition - All roles are of good size. 

Audition Process: Each potential performer will be expected to read from a number of selected pieces. This process will establish vocal capabilities and strength.  

 Contact: Via or call Kathy Dinsmore at 814.938.0378