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Article Date 11/24/2017

Title PTAG Presents ""It's A Wonderful Life- Radio Play"


   We are fully aware around here that most people have seen the story of It's A Wonderful Life before. Likely, it has been the 1946 movie by Frank Capra starring James Stewart and Donna Reed. It, of course, tells the story of a man, George Bailey,  who has given up his dreams in order to help others in the town of Bedford Falls. Situations turn bad leading to his imminent suicide on  Christmas Eve prompting the intervention of his guardian angel Clarence Odbody. Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community would be had he never been born. It has become a perennial Holiday favorite on  TV in the years after its release. Both Stewart and Reed went on to reprise their roles in radio adaptations shortly after the movie was released. There are also a number of play versions of the story and perhaps you have seen local productions about The Indiana Players (Indiana, PA) stage it quite often.  
    The particular version of the story we will be telling is adapted by Joe Landry out of Playscripts. It is a full-length show. The uniqueness that separates it from other versions of George Bailey?s story is that it is done as a radio play. In fact, the Guild?s director, Kathy S. Dinsmore, has even obtained the music from the original 1947 radio play version to lend to the authenticity of the experience. So, when the audiences arrive for the evening?s entertainment they will not be looking upon a multiple set unit comprised of Bedford Falls locales but instead, will see the recording studio of a radio station. 
The set will take into the studio of WBFR complete with microphones of the day and tables of special effects, plus the necessary "On Air" sign. You are to get the feel that you are in the studio audience of a live broadcast of It's A Wonderful Life going over the airwaves. Not only are there vocal talents to play all the parts, but also a crew of what are called Foley Artists are present. They are the team that adds sound effects to the broadcast via a number of everyday items. For example, if you need the sound of walking through crunching snow than the team makes that sound by moving shoes over a tray of corn flakes cereal. That is how radio works were created then and PTAG includes it here as a unique twist to telling the story It is the Guild's first foray into a radio play and it has proved quite fun. 
   The vocal talents to voice all the characters in the story are Tim Cooper as George Bailey,  Shannon Krise as Mary Hatch Bailey, Terry A Fye as Clarence, Jef Dinsmore as Henry Potter & others, Luke Poole as Joseph & others, Tim Simmons as Uncle Billy & others, Tom Troutman as Mr. Gower & others, Laura Deet as Rose Bailey & others, Tony Simmons as Ernie the cabbie & others and Sue Ann Mill as &the Announcer & others. Aiding as a Foley Artist is Luke Deet; Matt Dinsmore is the stage manager.  
   So we hope you are interested in seeing the PTAG¬ís production as a bit of a Holiday treat. It has been fun creating it and are looking forward to sharing in the message found in Its A Wonderful Life: Radio Play.  
See you at the show!