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Article Date 6/19/2017

Title PTAG Presents "Clue: The Musical


 You might not have ever played the game, but you have at least heard that the [suspect] did it in the [room] with the [weapon], right?  You know those suspects as Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Colonel Mustard, right? Well, you will get to know them a bit better soon when Clue: The Musical takes the stage. Even if you have played the classic Parker Brothers board game you never really knew the hidden motives of why these six suspects would want to bump off Mr. Boddy. All of that will soon be revealed. But first some background.  
   The board game was created in 1944 in a thatched-roof house overlooking a cliff in England by Anthony Pratt and his wife to occupy themselves during World War II. It was a little parlor game until it could be mass produced starting in 1949. It came to America in that year as well and has since sold over 50 million copies. The game has even seen official tournaments sponsored by the U. S. distributor Parker Brothers. That is where the musical’s creators, Peter DePietro, Tom Chiodo, Galen Blum, Wayne Barker & Vinnie Matucci, go the idea to pursue rights in 1991 and the musical was born. 
  What is unique about this musical, as you will soon see, it that it is not a dramatization of a traditional murder mystery, but told from the perspective of the actual game pieces of the board game. Mr. Boddy himself will host the evening. He will open up the Clue box and the game pieces will once again play out the game, with the audience’s participation, as the pieces have done many times before. However, this time there is a twist! A detective enters the game and is determined to solve the crime as any true-blood detective would. The detective’s presence now alters the way the game is played and throws the game pieces for a loop. How it all resolves remains a mystery, until you attend that is. So don’t miss out of playing Clue like you never played it before. 
  Awaiting you at the stage is the return of veterans Chris Snyder as Mr. Boddy, Kathy S. Dinsmore as Mrs. Peacock,  Mollie Smith as Mrs. White, Tim Cooper as Colonel Mustard and Jef Dinsmore as Mr. Green. Joining them are newcomers to the stage, SueAnn Smith as Miss Scarlet, Marcy Sallack as Detective and Tom Troutman as Professor Plum. Together they will travel from room to room of Boddy Manor, to establish motive, manipulate weapons, commit the crime and solve it.  
   That means six suspects, six rooms and six weapons leaving 216 possible conclusions to who done it in which room with which weapon! And the fun part is the audience gets to play along!  You can aid the unexpected Detective, via various clues, to deduce the right combination.  
  All of this, including the diligent production staff of  Matt Dinsmore, Debra Dinsmore and Nancy Pearce under the direction of Jef & Kathy Dinsmore will make this the right combination of music, drama and set to make for a fun-filled evening. So come out and take in the show and play Clue at the same time. See  You At the Show!