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Article Date 6/21/2016

Title The Guild presents Robert Fulghum's "All I Really Need To Know I learned In Kindergarten"


    What do a spider, a pig, a wedding, a deaf boy, a 20th Century  philosopher, a doctor?s appointment, a game of hide & seek, a sink strainer  and a broken piece of glass have in common? You?d think the answer would be nothing. But, surprisingly, they do share something in common. They all can teach us something about the ?meaning in life.? If that sounds pretty intellectual to you, well relax. It is all part of a fun, musical and only at times solemn look at the essays of Robert Fulghum. Just a few of his pieces have been turned into a stagework that shares the title of his first bestselling book "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten."

   To bring these vignettes, as we call them, to life is a witty ensemble of players and crew. Joining some familiar faces & making their debuts are Joe Cary, Efern Rey Gonzalez and Tony Simmons as such characters as a loving grandfather, a stressed employee and a little boy named Norman, respectively. The veterans they join are Debra Dinsmore, Kathy S. Dinsmore, Doug Fye, Ilona Fye and Chris Snyder. Their backstage assists are Karen Rummel, the pianist, and Matt Dinsmore, stage manager. 
The show runs as a sort of revue. Act I features thirteen vignettes including wisdom from Solomon islanders. In Act II an additional thirteen  scenes play out including one that takes place in a men?s restroom. The troupe appears in various couplings to present the pieces.  Some feature all eight of them while others offer solo moments. Some of the vignettes are sung  like ?A Tomb With A View? and Reflect the Light.?

 The complete package makes for a two hour show under the direction of Jef Dinsmore and Kathy S. Dinsmore.  They say, "The show is a mixed bag of meaningful moments. Powerful songs, humorous wit and dramatic accents weave together to offer us the full tapestry of life. Its journey takes us from youthful and eager children, to elders filled with wisdom and fond remembrances."

 PTAG invites you to be touched, moved and delighted. See you at the Show! 

June 23, 24 & 25, 2016

Punxsutawney Middle School -- Curtain 7:30pm

June 30, July 01 & 02 and July 7, 8, 9 2016

Sawmill Theatre Cook Forest -- Curtain 8:00pm